Who Are the Secret Singers?

You know these guys who appeared out of nowhere at your niece’s wedding, who started singing and dancing? If you have ever experienced this type of “surprise entertainment” which is all the hype now not just for weddings but also for birthdays and other occasions, chances are that you have met The Secret Singers!

The Secret Singers are the U.K.’s most popular surprise entertainers. What sets The Secret Singers apart from others is their professional training and their many different music and dance styles.

People spend some good money when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime events such as weddings or anniversaries, they want only the best and want the event be unforgettable for everyone. With The Secret Singers, they know that they will be getting the best musical entertainment.

The Singing Waiters have become hugely popular in the United Kingdom not just for their classic singing waiters routine. There are also known for their flash mobs and have recently also started to perform on various cruise ships.

How about Saving £55 Each Time You Go to the Grocer?

Finance guru Gemma Godfrey has some really great tips how you can save £55 each and every time on your weekly shopping!

Think about it: According to the Office for National Statistics, one family can on average spend £86.30 each week on food and drink, while others who buy the same things will spend as much as £120. These are some significant savings that will add up over time! Definitely check out Gemma’s show on ITV!